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    Category I (AD) Wing/Delta): 90th Missile Wing (AFGSC)
    Category III (NAF): AFDW/IGQ (AFDW)

    Civilian Category IB (MAJCOM / FLDCOM): Mr. Shawn E. Roberts (USSF)
    Enlisted Category I (MAJCOM / FLDCOM): MSgt Jason T. Elsing (AFGSC)
    Officer Category I (MAJCOM / FLDCOM): Maj Michael A. Volkmer (AMC)
    Civilian Category IIA (MAJCOM / FLDCOM): Ms. Tamara L. Vugrin (SPoC)
    Civilian Category IIB (MAJCOM / FLDCOM): Mr. Randolph Sena (AFDW)
    Enlisted Category II (Wing / Delta): MSgt Jonathan A. Cunningham (ACC)
    Officer Category II (Wing / Delta): Maj Brian R. Tarbox (USAFE)

    Category I (AD Wing CCIP): 377 ABW/IG (AFGSC)
    Category III (FOA/DRU CCIP): 316 WSA/IGI (AFDW)

    If you have a concern and are unsure if you should file a complaint, contact your local IG office for guidance. Any Air Force military or civilian member may file an IG complaint. However, many Department of the Air Force civilian complaints (e.g., discrimination, sexual harassment, and conditions of employment) may be referred to other agencies.

    DAF IG Contact Info

    Hotline Numbers and Email:

    • Complaints Resolution: 

    Direct:  202-404-5354 

    Toll Free:  1-800-538-8429 


    • DoD Hotline:  1-800-424-9098

    Mailing Address:
    Office of the AF Inspector General
    1140 AF Pentagon
    Washington DC 20330-1140