IGI - Inspections Directorate

The Inspections Directorate develops policies, planning, and program evaluation for the Air Force Inspection System and maintains policy oversight. Represents the SAF/IG and AFIA on policy, planning, and program evaluation matters for inspection issues at the Air Staff, Secretariat, and Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) levels, as well as with the Government Accountability Office (GAO), DoD/IG, and other agencies external to the Air Force. Performs special assignments and provides management and advisory service to The Inspector General, the Air Staff, and Secretariat. Prepares, coordinates, and recommends changes to the DoD, Air Force, and IG inspection policy directives. Prepares, executes, and oversees resources, plans, and programs for accomplishing the SAF/IG inspections mission to include preparing and coordinating reports and recommended changes to Air Force resource planning and program directives impacting the AFIA.

IGI Contact Info

  • Hotline Number:
    703-571-2383,  DSN 671-2383