Who May File Air Force IG Complaints?

If you have a concern and are unsure if you should file a complaint, contact your local IG office for guidance. Any Air Force military or civilian member may file an IG complaint. However, many Department of the Air Force civilian complaints (e.g., discrimination, sexual harassment, and conditions of employment) must be addressed by agencies other than the IG. Anyone, including civilians with no Air Force affiliation, may file Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) complaints. Depending on the circumstances, the IG may also accept complaints from dependents or relatives of active duty members and retirees and their dependents. However, it is always best for the actual "victim" or person who witnessed the alleged wrongdoing to file the complaint.

What Type Of Complaints Are Appropriate?

Any FWA and violations of law, Air Force instructions, or policy should be reported through the appropriate grievance channels. The subject of your complaint must be an Air Force program or person. Bear in mind, however, the fact that you may disagree with your supervisor(s) over management styles or have what you believe is a "personality conflict" does not constitute an injustice or mismanagement. If you are not sure your concern is a reportable matter, contact your local IG office for guidance.

What is Fraud, Waste, and Abuse?

Fraud:  Any intentional deception designed to unlawfully deprive the United States of something of value or to secure a benefit, privilege, allowance, or consideration for an individual from the United States that he or she is not entitled to. Such practices include, but are not limited to, the offer, payment, or acceptance of bribes or gratuities; making false statements; submitting false claims; evading or corrupting inspectors or other officials; deceit either by suppressing the truth or misrepresenting material fact; adulterating or substituting materials; falsifying records and books of accounts; arranging for secret profits, kickbacks, or commissions; and conspiring to use any of these devices. The term also includes conflict of interest cases, criminal irregularities, and the unauthorized disclosure of official information relating to procurement and disposal matters.

Waste:  The extravagant careless or needless expenditure of Government funds, or the consumption of Government property that results from deficient practices, systems, controls, or decisions. The term also includes improper practices not involving prosecutable fraud.

Abuse:  The intentional or improper use of Government resources that can include the excessive or improper use of one's position in a manner contrary to its rightful or legally intended use. Examples include misuse of rank, position, or authority or misuse of Government resources for oneself or another.

When Are Complaints Appropriate?

Individuals should attempt to resolve FWA issues and personal complaints at the lowest possible level, using command channels before elevating them to the next higher level or to the IG. Further, complaints must be promptly filed within IG, command, or other grievance channels. IG's may dismiss a complaint if there is no FWA, recognizable wrong or violation of law, regulation, or policy. Also, complaints more than one year from date of occurrence will normally be dismissed, unless there are extraordinary circumstances or special Air Force interests to justify an investigation.

Where (I.E., With Whom) Should Complaints Be Filed?

Complaints may be filed with a superior or commander in your chain of command, an IG or other appropriate inspector, or within any established grievance channel. FWA complaints may be reported to the Air Force Audit Agency (AFAA), Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), security forces, or other proper authorities. Promptly advise the AFOSI of suspected criminal misconduct or fraud.

Reporting Criminal Or Civil Acts Of Fraud Or Corruption

To report criminal or civil acts of fraud or corruption, you can contact AFOSI directly at:

What Type Of Complaints Are Appropriate for Other Agencies or Grievance Channels?

The following issues and allegations are ordinarily not appropriate for USAF IG intervention (this list is not all inclusive):

  • Issues NOT related to the Air Force
  • Criminal allegations
  • Issues that have other means of redress (i.e. Chain-of-Command)
  • Courts-martial actions
  • Non-judicial punishment
  • Discharge issues
  • Officer Performance Reports
  • Enlisted Performance Reports
  • Force shaping issues
  • Pay/Financial issues
  • Personnel issues
  • Equal Opportunity issues
  • Civilian allegations of reprisal 

What if I work in a Special Access Program (SAP)?

The Department of The Air Force is the appropriate method to report Fraud, Waste and Abuse in a SAP program.

SAP program personnel will provide UNCLASSIFIED information on the Air Force Hotline.

Office of Special Investigations (PJ) Headquarters is working with the Air Force Inspector General to respond to all FWA complaints and resolve issues at the appropriate classification level. But all initial contact to the Air Force Hotline must be UNCLASSIFIED.

IG Contact Info

Hotline Numbers and Email:

  • Complaints Resolution: 

Direct:  202-404-5354 

Toll Free:  1-800-538-8429 

Email:  saf.ighotline@us.af.mil

  • DoD Hotline:  1-800-424-9098

Mailing Address:
Office of the AF Inspector General
1140 AF Pentagon
Washington DC 20330-1140